How to multiply ???

Hi, I am new to smartsheet and I have a rather basic question.

I am working on a sales pipeline and I want to have an estimated sales based on the probability.

The way I am setting this up is:

1st Column: Product Price

2nd Column: Customer Stage (Lead, Contacted, Negotiating, etc...)

3rd Column: Probability ( Calculating using IF function: if lead = 10%, contacted = 20%, etc...)

and I want to have the 4th column that return estimated sales value based on the Product price and Probability (as the result of the IF function)

However, when I enter: =1st Column * 3rd Column , it does not work. It says Invalid Operation (as picture)

What should I do?

Thank you

(Sorry the Sheet was made for staff in Vietnamese but I guess you can tell my setup as described)



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