Grid Lines, setting selection for printing, merging cells

A few issues...

  1. The option of having true gridlines or removing them. Others have asked going back to 2018 from what I can see, is this something that this not going to be developed or if it is and can you provide an estimated timeframe?
  2. Setting a print area not just rows, that way you don't have to hide things etc. I don't need just specific rows, I need a print area. Will you be adding this functionality any time soon?
  3. Merging cells to make a print out look proper is needed. I have documentation that is sent in to another office that has to have a specific format. With the sheet name at the top and the column details on the export to PDF I cannot provide the pdf to be signed the way it looks at this time. Is this something that is in the works or something that you are looking into providing?
  4. Why can't the height of a row be changed? The only thing I found I can do is have one of the cells in the row have text in it that is large enough to be the height needed and making it white text on a white background to be able to print it with a taller row. (space was needed for someone to digitally sign it once it is in PDF format).