Form logic decision based on greater than or less than comparison?


I have a text/number field that I'd like implement some form logic to show another field if the value is 2.0 or greater.

I have added number validation, but the logic options don't appear to give me an option for greater or less than. I then thought that I might create a quick formula column that would result in "Yes" or "No" and I could base my logic on that as a hidden field. I was able to get the results that I expected in the sheet, but could not locate that field in the form builder.

I arrived at the forums here searching for a solution, but only found mentions from a few years ago that it was not possible to access a column with a formula as a field in the form builder. Are the answers from a few years ago still accurate? Is this still not possible? Is there another way to accomplish form logic on a greater than / less than comparison that I'm not seeing?



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