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Is there any way to have rows/cells automatically link to one another from different sheets?

Say I have a sheet that has a row where, in one column, you input Value A into it. I then have another sheet that has a similar column that also has Value A. Is there any way for those to be linked automatically, or for a reference between sheets to be automatically generated?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @nlarson_PMC

    To add to @BullandKhmer's comment about cell linking, an alternative would be to create a formula in Sheet B that will automatically pull information from Sheet A when there's a matching value.

    You would need to set up the cross-sheet references to each column manually, but once that's set up, as soon as there's a match between sheets then Sheet B could pull in the relevant data. This would be done using a formula like INDEX(MATCH or INDEX(COLLECT, depending on your criteria.

    Here are some other Community posts on this type of linking:

    Additionally you may want to look into using a Report to gather together multiple rows across sheets, then GROUP by the matching value to see all associated rows.