Smartsheet definitely needs to increase their cross sheet references

Smartsheet has tons of potential for a perfect operational system, with tons of automation with formulas, but the only problems here are maximum of 20,000 rows (it's even lagging before it reached 10,000). Maximum Cross Sheet References of 100,000 rows combined, which became a ceiling for a system to improve. I know the only way to prevent this, is to manage references, and delete the formulas, but it doesn't help our operational data which needs all the formulas we're using. There should be much more rows available, much more cross sheet references, especially for enterprise accounts. I've tried contacted smartsheet team multiple times, I don't get any replies, if there was a reply, all of them didn't help, most of them would tell me that smartsheet is working on it, but nothing changes. Every time I tried to reach out, I got contacted by the marketing and sales team who would just offer more and more paid features that don't suit our needs. If there's a way to contact the development team of smartsheet that would be great, if there is any way to improve smartsheet system based on how our company needs it, maybe there would be something worth paying for.


  • Eva
    Eva ✭✭✭✭

    @George Lie Due to the restrictions of how much we're able to have on each sheet, we actually do a lot of workarounds. It's not very convenient, but it works. Most of what we do is create several sheets based on how much information we have, and then we do something to bring it all together. For example we use reports or dashboards. The thing is that it becomes difficult to update because we make sure that all our sheets look identical so that we can pretend that it's one sheet and that it functions properly on reports or whatever it is that we're using. The updates are hard but the results are there.


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