Combining Formulas in 1 Cell



I have a column with this formula: =PARENT([Task Name]@row) which is assigning my rows the name of the parent so I can create swimlanes in the card view sorting my tasks by the parent project name.

In the same column I would like to also have an option to override the first formula with this formula: =IF(Status1="Complete", "Complete"). I'm using that formula to override the parent project name so I can create a swimlane with all the Completed tasks.

Question1: If I want to use both formulas in the same Task Name cell, how do I combine them?

Question 2: Is this the best way to accomplish being able to have card view swimlanes for the parent project along with a "Complete" swimlane that ensures only "Not Started" and "In Progress" tasks are left in the project swimlanes and completed items are lumped into one lane?



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