Project Server 2016 - Project Health indicator error!


I created the health formula below to address the legend listed below the formula. However, I am getting an error in the formula, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and provide some assistance?

IIf([% Complete] = 100, "Completed", Switch(([Finish] - Date()) < 75%, "complete within 45 days of finish", ([Finish] - Date()) > 90%, "complete within 20 days of finish", ([Finish] - Date()) >= 0, "On Schedule", ([Finish] - Date()) >= 0, "Not Started"))


YELLOW: less than 75% complete within 90 days of finish

RED: less than 90% complete within 20 days of finish

BLUE: 100% complete

GREEN: achieving % complete targets

BLACK: Not Started

Secondly, Can I create a selectable dropdown indicator on my project information page that shows the images in my LEGEND that can be displayed in Project Center?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Bue

    Are you using Smartsheet or Project Server 2016?

    If you are looking to build out this formula in Smartsheet we'd be happy to help you! However as this is a Smartsheet online Community, we won't be able to answer any questions in regards to Project Server 2016. You may want to post in the Microsoft Community, here.

    If you're using Smartsheet, could you post a full screen capture of your source sheet showing the column names (but block out sensitive data).



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