Resource Management workaround for Rooms (not people)

Because Legacy Resource Management can't handle anything that isn't a registered user, I'm trying to create my own Room availability sheet.

I've got columns with week numbers. And my formula is successfully looking at a start date, or end date, but can't identify the times in between.

=IFERROR(IF(WEEKNUMBER(VLOOKUP([Primary Column]@row, {Plants1}, 4, false)) = 2, (VLOOKUP([Primary Column]@row, {Plants1}, 2))), "")

Essentially I want to know, if Room A will be used at 100% capacity from Jan 1 to Jan 14, It will be used for W1, W2 and W3. But right now I can only identify if the start OR end date is that week. Nothing in between or both.

Alternatively, any thoughts on how to use Resource View to manage rooms?



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