How to combine three sets if IF function


Good afternoon

I am using the below formula to combine three "IF" arguments to determine the correct premium rate to use based on the category that has been chosen

The condition is

(a) if Category 1 is chosen, we apply 0.10%

(b) if category 2 is chosen, we apply 0.15%

(c) if category 3 is chosen, we apply 0.20%

=IF([What are you shipping]@row = cat 1, IF([What are you shipping]@row = cat 2, IF([What are you shipping]@row = cat 3, ([Premium Rate]@row,0.001,([Premium Rate]@row,0.015),([ Premium Rate]@row,0.02))))

But my result is "Unparseable", your advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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