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Migrate sheets from other owners into my Workspace, then give back ownership


I have several Workspaces to which I've granted access for teams and individuals.

Other sheet owners are now "coming under the fold" of the Workspace I own.  To do this, I have them temporarily make me an owner of their sheet so that I can drag/drop it into my Workspace.  I then want them to take back ownership of their sheet.

In order to do this, I grant them edit-share rights in my Workspace (and they have retained admin rights to their own sheet).  I then have the person request ownership for their sheet back from me after I've moved it into my Workspace.

We are currently getting an error when trying to do this with someone's sheet.  He attempted to take ownership back and got an error saying he didn't have rights to the Workspace, but he does - He can see the Workspace and it shows up in his Home list with the sheet in it.

Can anyone help?

thank you.


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Susan,

    In order for someone to request ownership of sheets in a workspace, they must be shared to the workspace with Admin sharing permissions, and they also must have a license.

    If they're not able to create new sheets at all, then their license was removed during this transfer process. You'll need to reach out to the SysAdmin on your plan to get them a license.

    Otherwise, they must be an Admin on the workspace to request ownership of a sheet.

    Going forward, the best method for this process would be to temporarily give someone Admin sharing permission on the workspace, tell them to drag-and-drop the sheet into the workspace themselves, then you can bump them down to Editor.

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