How to give conditional formatting to particular cell of a row and not an entire column

I am creating a dashboard for my organization which will take an average values from multiple columns. The dashboard gives us an summary of all the data. Let say, in the Column 1, Total sales has value 1%, Revenue Generated has value 45% and Franchises success has 99% value. I want to apply conditional formatting to each row/cell differently.


If total sales is below 5%, give the cell Red color

If Revenue Generated is above 40%, give the cell Red Color

Or, If Franchises Success is above 40% give the cell Green Color

All the cells will have different conditions, the cell value can be in $, %, text or decimal.

How should I apply conditional formatting to each cell in a row and not entire column?


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    Here's where you can change it to a specific column(s).

    By default, the formatting is applied to the entire row. If needed, click entire row to limit the formatting such that it's only applied to certain selected columns in the row. When the rule is set up to apply formatting to multiple columns, you'll see an ellipsis (...) in the rule description. 

    NOTE: If multiple rules have the same condition and formatting, they will be consolidated into a single rule.

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