Cashflow forecast with dashboard

Hello Smartsheet family

Can anyone direct me to a solid cashflow forecast template that includes a dashboard?

I've never learnt how to install a dashboard so would like to start with template and then work around that.

Happy to pay for one after a free trial to see it operates how I would like.

Thanks in advance



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Peter Graham

    The Solution Center in the Smartsheet app (the + icon) has an individual Cash Flow template sheet to help you get started:

    Then if you're looking for example Dashboards you can make, I would suggest browsing through the template sets under the Finance tab (such as the Cost Change Management set). Even though the Dashboards won't be based off that specific sheet, they should give you some ideas of the types of widgets you could create/use.

    I would also recommend reviewing the free Webinar on Dashboards: SmartStart: Dashboards