Create a Personal Dashboard of tasks from mulitple Smartsheets

Jeana ✭✭✭✭✭✭


I'm in the process of thinking about how to create a dynamic Personal Dashboard to show tasks due, what Project it's from, due date, type of task, etc.

Here's the background info. We have about a dozen Projects going at once and each has it's own Smartsheet Schedule as well as other associated sheets. This sheet shows each module/task and for each task the steps that need to take place as well as task owner, due date, type of task, etc. Here's a sample of one task in a Project Sheet.

We currently run Project reports, dashboards and calendars from the Project sheets.

What I'm considering is way to present a Personal Dashboard that would pull from all active Projects every task and related information for an individual. Ideally, I'd like to see for Erin (example) what Projects she has a task assigned to her and the details of that task - due date, type of tasks, etc.

All of this information is in the Project Sheet but sometimes at different Indent levels (Parent/Child). Each task (Parent) has several steps (Child) and some information I'd like to report on will be in the Child rows.

I realize the first step is probably to gather the information from the various Projects into one place. I'm not sure what the best format for this would be. Should I create a Metrics sheet that uses Index/Match to pull in all tasks for that person? Is there a way to use our Premium Add on tools to accomplish this (Data Shuttle, Data Mesh, Dynamic View)?

Any workflow suggestions or confirmation that I'm on the right track with a Metrics sheet would be helpful. I just need another brain to bounce ideas off of. :-)