Counting date since last event


I want to count the days since the most recent event that was checked in a certain column. is this possible?

Ex we have a row entered on 2/11/22 and delay is checked. I want the return to be 0 days since last delay. but then is we had a delay tomorrow it would reset back to zero again. this is for a dashboard as well.


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    Hi @Kyle Black

    Here is one option that uses the Record a Date automation.

    Assume "Date" is the event date or the date the row was entered.

    Delay is the box you referenced being checked if there is a delay.

    Delay Date is automatically populated using the Record a Date Automation.

    # of Days Since Last Delay contains a formula that calculates the number of days from either the Date Column if the delay check box is not checked OR the Delay Date column if the delay box is checked.

    =IF(Delay@row = "False", NETDAYS(Date@row, TODAY()), NETDAYS([Delay Date]@row, TODAY()))

    Smartsheet takes a minute to update when automations are run. So once everything is in place, if you're checking and unchecking the boxes to see the updates, you may get an error while Smartsheet thinks about life. Once it completes the automation and inputs or removes the date the formula will update too.

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