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Misunderstanding about what is a row (or not)

J. Craig Williams
J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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Long story short, I've been experimenting with rows and not rows.

Here's a behavior I do not understand yet.

I have a sheet.

I create a duplicate of the sheet using Save As New

I deleted all rows by selecting them and using the Delete menu item from the Row Actions menu.

The sheet (both original and old) have the Modified and Modified By System columns displayed. The new sheet has no data in those (or any other) columns.

I return to the original sheet and Copy to Another Sheet from the Row Actions menu (row 117 if that matter) to the new sheet.

On the new sheet, the new row appears on row 11.








  • From testing this myself, I found that I was able to delete every row but one, I'm guessing so the sheet grid doesn't completely disappear. When I copied a row to this sheet after the deletion, it came in as row 2, right underneath the row I couldn't delete.

    A blank row or "non-row" can't contain any data whatsoever, nor can it contain cell history. (Meaning that data can't be typed into any cells and saved at any time.

    My exact steps were:

    1. Delete all rows but the one that Smartsheet wouldn't allow me to delete. (It became Row 1.)
    2. Save.
    3. Open another sheet.
    4. Use Copy Row to Another Sheet to the single-rowed sheet.
    5. Open single-rowed sheet.

    I observed that the copied row came in as row 2 and the blank row that Smartsheet prevented me from deleting was row 1.

    After row 2, 48 more blank rows were added. Smartsheet tries to provide at least 50 rows when possible.

    There may be cell history or formulas that exist in those rows, 

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