Pulling data from another sheet while evaluating a Date Column


I have a form on a dashboard that is collecting one field (client) and populating a sheet (Filter Requests) with client and Created Date. (New entries are added at the top)

I'm using a second sheet (Widget Data) to construct the data to be displayed in the dashboard widget (using data from a 3rd sheet). In order to do this I need to evaluate the Created Date on Filter Requests and pull back Client from the most recent entry.

I'm struggling to come up with the proper formula to do this.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • kplichta

    I ended up throwing out the Date and simply used an INDEX to pull back the Client from row 1. I think this accomplishes the same thing. However, I'll run into problems if more than one person is trying to 'filter' the dashboard at the same time. Any suggestions for how to incorporate the logged in user and only pull back the client from the record they entered in the Filter Request sheet?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @kplichta

    Using INDEX sounds like a good idea to achieve your goals!

    There isn't a way to use this formula to show different results to different people looking at the dashboard at the same time though. The formula will display the same row to whoever is looking at it, so surfacing the most recent one is likely your best bet right now.

    The alternatives are to share the users to the underlying sheets and apply the Current User filter on your Report. If you're trying not to share them to the underlying data, then depending on your plan-type you could either have the Current User Report put in a Workapp instead or use the Premium app Dynamic View.



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