Absolute Reference Cells

Is there a way to create an absolute reference cell that stays relative to a series of copied cells?

I have a sheet that uses a series of formulas to summarize expenses pulled from other sheets and allows me to use this data in tracking a project's budget balance.

Each line and column that reports dollars spent (except for the totals) reference the same cell. To prevent issues with dragging formulas around I made that cell an absolute reference in the formula, i.e. =SUMIFS({TotalWages}, {Month}, TackCode@row, {ProjectName}, $ProjectCode$2215)

My issue is when I copy this block of cells into a different section of the sheet for a different project. The copied cells reference the original cell ($ProjectCode$2215). To have it accurately calculate the data I have to manually update the row number in the formulas. Is there a way to maintain the relative reference while copying? My hope is that I can copy and paste to the new block and the reference would update to new reference cell.

Is this possible?


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