How to group child rows when creating a report?


I have a sheet where the a person is in one column and the projects that he's assigned to are in the next column called "Projects".

I am trying to create a report to measure the allocation% percentage a person has for each project by month.

To do this I placed all of the projects that each person is assigned to in Children Rows, hence the minimize button in the "Person" row.

The problem I'm running into is that when I create a report and try to group by "Person" it is grouped wrong because it's not counting the "Project" column as a Child. So the blank spaces in the "Person" column is also being counted as a group.

Anyway to solve this? I saw similar threads and it was suggested to create "Helper" columns. Not sure how to use them in this case.


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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @mbsamuel6

    I would also suggest creating a "helper" column! I would create a column in your source sheet (that can be hidden) with a column formula applied. The formula would be really simple PARENT formula, like so:


    This will bring the name of that top row into all the Child Rows. You can then Filter by this column in your Report to get rid of the top rows, and Group by this helper column as well.