I have a sheet that has all the jobs we have by unit. each person is assigned a job in each unit. i want to be able to create a dashboard that shows how many jobs each person has in that unit. any help with formulas and how to get started would be appreciated.


  • kioshi43
    kioshi43 ✭✭✭

    Depending on how your sheet is set up, you could try using:

    =COUNTIFS([range with names], "name", [range where jobs are], "job")

    Other formulas might work better though depending on how the sheet looks.

    Once you got your counts, then you can either use a chart or report on your Dashboard to display the number of jobs each person has in their unit.

  • Thanks so much for your response! this is what i have the sheet set up as.

    should i create a formula sheet and reference the sheet i want to use. How do i go about doing that?

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Andrea_Beeharry2022

    Yes exactly! You can create a new sheet to house your formulas and use as your reference for the chart.

    In this instance, you'll want to use Cross Sheet ranges in the COUNTIFS Function:

    =COUNTIFS({Column with names}, "name", {Column where jobs are}, "job")

    You can replace the values "in these" with a value in the cell to the left of your Metric sheet:

    =COUNTIFS({Column with names}, [Name]@row, {Column where jobs are}, [Job]@row)

    See: Advanced Cross-sheet Formulas

    This webinar has an example of COUNTIFS: Formulas webinar series



  • this helps but i think i need to know exactly what to put in the formula because no matter what i try, i seem to not be able to use the formula. this is what i am entering.

    COUNTIFS({engineer}, "a name from the column", {unit}, "job")

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Andrea_Beeharry2022

    Each of the references {in these} are cross sheet references that you will need to select individually from your source sheet when building out the formula. This means you can't copy/paste examples from the community as the link to that source sheet hasn't been created yet.

    This structure should work:

    =COUNTIFS({engineer}, "a name from the column", {unit}, "job")

    But make sure that {engineer} and {unit} were both created by clicking this link in the formula window:

    I would recommend watching the first Formula Webinar I linked above to see how a COUNTIFS formula is created from start-to-finish. It's at the 19:00 minute mark, here:

    Let me know if this helps! If not, it would be useful to see screen captures of your formula actually in Smartsheet, but please block out sensitive data.



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