move latest row to other sheet based on column


I created quotation sheet for internet service pricing where each internet service provider (ISP) can quote me 2 different options based on bandwidth and contract term : 500MB (24 months), 500MB (36 months).

I created form to be sent to vendor and quote me will create transaction row by using "request for update". It will generate more as bidding going back and forth as shown example below.

For store 1, TransID 1 and 2 are created by request for quote and vendor updated with price. Then Trans 5 and 6, both AT&T and verizon came back with lower pricing.

Up to here, i was able to do it. The problem I have is when I would need to created another sheet that only can see the latest of individual pricing by bandwidth, term for each store.

The there are several things involve.

First, it has to collect latest transaction from each quotation (by storeID, options (Bandwidth, term - 4 options).

Second, 4 options has to be in different row. The reason I was trying this way is because when I create the report and do grouping, having different options in same row makes difficult to create comprehensive report.

I would be very appreciate it if someone can help me with this. Thank you


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