Is there a way to make a drop down list that is dependent on updated data I put in a column?


I want to make a drop down list based on various Items that I have, but I only want the list to consist of Items that I deem as active on another sheet. In theory I would mark the items as active by using the checkmark tool and then they'd populate in the dropdown box on a different page.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Maxwony

    There currently isn't a way to automatically link the Column Properties of a dropdown list to data in another sheet in the Smartsheet core application.

    What I would suggest doing is create a Report that filters by your checkbox column and only displays the one column that lists all your active values. Then you can quickly copy/paste those values from the Report into the Column Properties.

    If you have access to it, an alternative would be to use DataShuttle to update your dropdown options for that column. You would need to create an Offload Workflow with Filters applied, offloading the sheet data into an Excel or CSV file as an attachment to your sheet that needs to be updated. Then you could create a second Upload Workflow to update the Dropdown properties when an attachment is added to this sheet.



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