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I have a project management sheet programmed with predecessors. Sometimes I need to add line items via web forms or "copy to" automation feature. Weh I add these lines, I need the new row to sort into place with the other dates (see images)

Image 1 - Sort order of operations - SITE NAME first, START DATE second

Image 2 - Unsorted row - sorts by SITE NAME, bit not by DATE

I am basically having trouble getting it to sort by the second feature, which is the date. I wnder if it is because I have predecessord programmed? Maybe I just need to manually move then into place after it gets addded?

Or I can let it stay at the bottom of the page and just pull it into a report and sort it from there.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sarah_lee123

    It looks like you have Hierarchies in this sheet, with parent and child rows. There currently isn't a way for a newly added row to automatically appear as a Child under a specific section, so in this instance you would need to manually move it into place.

    In your case, it looks like the Sort is bringing it to the correct area, however this current task is not in the correct order because it's outside of the Hierarchy structure (it's not indented below "Flower Week 9"). If you make this task a Child row of "Flower Week 9", then apply the Sort, it should rearrange the row to the proper place among the other children (see: How Different Data Types Are Sorted)

    A Report could be helpful, since you only need to Sort the Report once and it will remember the order as new rows are added. However you won't be able to see Hierarchies in a Report. In this instance I would suggest changing your Site Name column to be single-select, then you can Group by this column instead.



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