How do you use the keyboard to move to the next cell in a row after selecting items in a drop-down

I'm challenge by this situation and the only way I have worked out how to do it is to use the mouse to click into another cell.

What happens is, after I have made a selection of one or more options from a drop-down list, the following keyboard commands result in undesirable effects:

Tab or Enter while mouse is hovering over list: selects / deselects list item

Tab or Enter while mouse is hovering over cell: sometimes adds another selection, other times removes all selections

ESC: loses the selection (same as Excel would)

Is there another key that would keep the selected items and move me to the next cell in the row?


  • I am hoping there is an answer, as I experience this as well and can cause minor mistakes if I am not paying attention. One thing I found is if I hit the space bar twice after my entry, then I can tab to the next cell without issue. Not the fix you are looking for, but if you want to keep from going to the mouse, it does work.

  • Thanks @Steve Patton . Double space bar then tab is a good suggestion. Thank you for that, I will let the rest of the organisation know. It isn't the most professional look, but a great workaround. Does anyone else know if there is a more elegant solution to this?

  • JacquiM
    JacquiM ✭✭

    Any more info on this? It is super annoying trying to move to the next cell after selecting from a drop down.