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I track a batch of data for each of several companies. When my users start tracking data for a new company, it would be cool if the records (rows) could be added automatically with the company name.

As is, I have to give the users access to the grid and they have to copy / paste the batch of records, then edit the "~Blank" name to match the company they are starting to track.

But I would rather automate the setup process (to simplify for the users and to avoid them editing the grid directly).

I tried storing the "blanks" in another sheet then seeing if I could use automation to copy the blanks to the target sheet. But I couldn't get that to work.

Ideally, the user completes a form with the new company name and the full set of records with the standard list of fields is auto-created. Then I would have the user go to the dynamic view to edit the details.



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    Hi @MichaelJordan5

    I hope you're well and safe!

    Yes, I can think of a couple of ways to structure a solution, but I'd need more information to see what would work best.

    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s)/copies of the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too,

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic week!


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