Average Formula Question - scoring


I am adding up scorecards and averaging sections, then coming up with a GC Total Average Score. Sometimes there are no score (blank). I would like those blanks to be changed to N/A and not calculate in the average score. Here is a screenshot of the several different average columns I am working on.

I would like a Pre-Construction Average (3 columns in orange), Construction Average (1 column in blue) and GC-Closeout Average (3 columns in purple). Then the GC Total Average Score to combine all 3 of these colored areas.


  • Nichole F.

    @MRiley88 I use the AVERAGEIF formula:


    In my Test Type Column I have the formula =AVERAGEIF([Number1]@row:[Number4]@row, <>0)

    the <>0 is to identify only numbers and excludes alpha

  • MRiley88

    Hi Nichole - Thank you for your help with this formula.

    This only works if I have N/A in the row. There are times that I have no scores and times that I have all the scores. I am trying to find a formula that applies to all instances. I might just be wishing :)

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