Copy & Paste from SmartSheet to Excel is combining all the columns


When I copy columns from SmartSheet & paste in Excel, it takes all the columns & merges them into a single column in Excel.

It wasn't doing this 5 minutes ago. Any idea what went wrong & how to correct this?


  • PrinceCorwin

    I just tried a test copy / paste of several columns and it is pasting correctly into Excel (I copied 3 columns and it pasted as 3 columns). So it sounds like something on your end. Perhaps an accidental setting change? have you tried loging out, shutting down the app, and restarting?

  • tkuster

    I don't want the entire column. I just want a selection of data from within the Smartsheet. For example: I can copy from Column A (Rows 1-10) in SS & paste into Column A in Excel. But if I try to copy from Columns A, B & C (Rows 1-10) in SS & paste into Excel, it will shove all of that data in Column A, instead of pasting into Columns A, B, & C.

    I can't see any format changes in either SS or Excel, and getting the same result copying from multiple different worksheets in SS to either fresh Excel workbooks or previously formatted workbooks.

    It doesn't matter if the cell is dropdown or parent/child, I cannot get a scenario where this is pasting in the same manner I am copying.