Combining Columns on Sheet from Form

Good afternoon,

I am working on an audit stock sheet, that allows a form staff can utilize for active counts and confirm physical location. With this I am trying to find the function to combine rows with the same Product Name, Product ID, but have the differentiator being the room it is stored in. See screen shot:

With the newest submission I would like to have the function combine row 507 and 508, as they would have the Same Product name ID, and room while combining all information.

I was look into functions of:

=JOIN([Product Name]@row:[ID]@row, ", ") but I am stuck from here, any insight will help!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jtrappe

    Would you be able to elaborate further for how you want this information to "combine"? Are you looking to SUM the Counts and Variance so that you have totals, across all the matching rows?

    I would suggest that you could create a Report from this sheet, then Group by the ID. This will bring together any rows that match the ID under one heading, and then you can use the Summarize function for your other columns.

    Here's a webinar on these functionalities: Redesigned Reports with Grouping and Summary Functions



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