VLOOKUP and IF using Reference Another Sheet returning an #INVALID OPERATION error


I have a summary table that has collected information from respondents on a monthly basis from various accounts. Based on their answers, I've calculated a score for each account for that month (so a single account can have up to twelve lines each, one for each month). I am trying to create a separate table that will summarize the scores - so that an account will have one line, and I need to populate the columns/scores for each month.

I'm encountering an #INVALID OPERATION error when I use the following formula to populate the January column in the Summary Table, when pulling data from the Source Table.

=IF({Source Table Range 5} = "January", VLOOKUP([Account Name]@row, {Source Table Range 6}, 3, true), 0)

Hope someone can help!

Source table:

Summary table:


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