Get early access to our new System Administrator Certification exam by completing this survey!

We’re developing a new System Administrator Certification exam, and we need your help!

 We created a job task analysis survey to collect user feedback on the knowledge and skills that are needed to be a Smartsheet Sys Admin. By taking the survey, you will qualify to participate in our beta exam in April, where you will receive one complimentary attempt for the Sys Admin Certification. Upon passing the exam, you will receive certification and a badge.

 To qualify for the beta:

  • Take the job task analysis survey at the link above via Smartsheet University. 
  • That's it! You'll automatically be added to the beta list.

 The survey will be available until March 16 and is the only way to qualify for the beta exam. 


  • sudhirjain
    sudhirjain ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Tim,

    When we can expect the Sys Admin Certification be available?