Is there a way to create a report that can be Sorted/filtered by a viewer.


I have a source sheet with tons of data, and I would like to create a summary report to present to my clients. I do not want my clients to be able to accidently edit any of the information in the data set, so the columns need to be locked, or the people with access have to be viewers. In either of these options it appears that the "Viewer" lacks the ability to sort or filter information to further condense the data to fit their needs. So it can be difficult for them to find what they are looking for in my report. I do not want to break up this report into smaller chunks instead I would rather have a "user friendly" report that enables viewers the capability of sorting/filtering. Is this possible with smartsheets?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @mikellester

    The Filter in a Report is a core element of how that Report is built, so it's locked to only be editable by Admins or Owners of the Report. (See: Sharing permission levels on reports).

    If you want your Viewers to be able to apply filters, you could share them directly to the underlying Source Sheet where they can create custom filters or use the ones you've set up ahead of time (see: Create and Use Filters).

    They'll also be able to apply a Sort to the Sheet, but they won't be able to save the sheet with that Sort applied as it would affect every user looking at the item (they'd need at least Editor permissions to do this).



  • Are there any plans to add filter functionality to the report views for viewer access? This is a common request we receive when viewing a report. They would like to further refine the report as needed and we would prefer to avoid creating specific reports for every instance.

  • I agree this would be helpful. Our purpose of creating a report right now vs. giving source access is that there are several data fields/columns we do NOT want to share with them, so we filter them out using the Report functionality before sharing. But, it would be incredibly useful for those viewing the report to still be able to sort and filter the data they have access to.