Is there a way to NOT update the results of a VLOOKUP formula if the lookup table is updated?


The Smartsheet Community has provided me with loads of help for years and this is the first question I have posted. I really appreciate all of the help and attention to detail provided here. Thanks in advance for thinking through my question!

I have a simple VLOOKUP formula that the department value within in the same sheet (a dropdown list of departments) to find the corresponding manager in a separate lookup sheet. It works without any issue.

=VLOOKUP(Department@row, {Lookups}, 2, false)

In my sheet, this formula is returning a manager name into a column showing who made an approval. I just noticed that if I update the lookup table ALL references to that manager in the primary sheet are updated too. This makes sense, and I can see how this can be helpful in many scenarios, but I'm looking for a way to find the manager name, return it to the primary sheet, and have it NOT update if I make changes to the lookup table. I am using this column as a historical reference and need it to be static.

Maybe there is an alternative way to accomplish this instead of VLOOKUP? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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