Show task of current active week on the Parent row

I need to show the task of the current active week on the Parent row. My sheet has a list of employees as parent rows and a couple of child rows. The Child rows show 'Current Week', 'Date', 'Task', 'Completed Hours' (columns). Every week they have a different task, tasks are manually selected from a dropdown-list. in the PARENT row I have a formula to show the current week they are at. I have another column were I need to show in the PARENT cell what task the employee is doing on the active week, this is my problem formula. They want to keep each CHILD row showing the information of that work week for future reference but want to be able to show management what the employees are doing that week without needing to check in the CHILD rows.

I tried using INDEX/MATCH with "Week" PARENT cell as the match column but could not figure it out. Unsure if there is another formula I could use for this.

Any ideas?

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  • Marc1a
    Marc1a ✭✭✭
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    I created a column so tech can mark as complete and in progress and used that and the search criterion.

    INDEX(CHILDREN(Task@row), MATCH("InProgress", CHILDREN([Task-Progress]@row), 0))

    Thanks fo the help


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