Using COUNTIFS with OR function spread across multiple ranges

Cara Tupps
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I am trying to build a COUNTIF function that will count all cells which meet criteria 1 and either criteria 2 or 3, which are found in different ranges.

Example: In Sheet1, I have the following columns: shape, color1, and color2. In Sheet 2, I would like to create a function which counts all observations in Sheet1 where shape=square, and either color1=blue OR color2=blue.

If applied to the data set below, the function in Sheet2 should correctly return '2' :


shape color1 color2

square blue green

square red red

circle blue red

square red blue

Can someone please help me with the correct syntax for this function? Thanks in advance!

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  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    you can use this

    =COUNTIF(([Shape]@row), AND(([Shape]@row = "square"), (OR(([color1]@row = "blue"), ([color2]@row = "blue")))))

    as a column function, on a new column for instance, [new colum].

    use : =countif([new colum]:[new colum],1) to get total count

  • Cara Tupps


    Thanks for your response, but this returned an UNPARSEABLE error. I forgot to mention that the color1 and color2 columns are actually multi-select and thus contain multiple responses, so I think the CONTAINS function should also be nested inside the formula. The adjusted example would be:


    shape...................color1.....................color2,, red,, red, red,,, green

    Here's what I have so far, per the example:

    =COUNTIF(([shape]@row), AND(([shape]@row = "square"), (OR(CONTAINS("blue", [color1])), (CONTAINS("blue", [color2])))))

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    You are going to need two separate COUNTIFS and add them together.

    =COUNTIFS({Sheet 1 Shape Column}, @cell = "Square", {Sheet 1 Color 1 Column}, @cell = "Blue") + COUNTIFS({Sheet 1 Shape Column}, @cell = "Square", {Sheet 1 Color 2 Column}, @cell = "Blue")

  • Cara Tupps

    That worked! Thanks, Paul.

  • Aric Dodd
    Aric Dodd ✭✭
    edited 12/26/23

    I have something similar I need help with.. I need to create a sheet summary formula that will count IFs the first qualifier is the [Project started]:[Project started] column contains a check mark. The second qualifier is if the [Status]:[Status] column contains either "06 - Project Engaged" or "07 - On Hold (See Notes)".

    What I have now is not working.

    =COUNTIFS([Project started]:[Project started], 1, OR([Status]:[Status], "06 - Project Engaged", [Status]:[Status], "07 - On Hold (See Notes)"))

    Disregard, I figured it out.. =COUNTIFS([Project started]:[Project started], 1, Status:Status, "06 - Project Engaged") + COUNTIFS([Project started]:[Project started], 1, Status:Status, "07 - On Hold (See Notes)")

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