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Do you know if there is a way to build master list of workflows and then select from those when you create a new sheet that you want to apply to that sheet?

My thoughts for this is to create a template with these workflows built in and then apply ? Only catch is if you add a new requirement and update your template the other sheets (active programs) will require a manual workflow update per sheet.

For example...As as new requirements are needed you can create a new workflow within a "master workflows" and you can then select the sheets you want that workflow to apply vs having to update each sheet?

Does this exist?


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  • Cassie_Hall
    Cassie_Hall ✭✭✭
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    Hi All,

    I wanted to share this update as SS was able to provide a solution and thought this could help others.

    In Sheet --> Make the Column Type "Contact List" --> do not restrict to list values only & do not need to add pre-populated list of contacts.

    On the Form --> Make sure that field is set for email address request (ex: Rep Email or Submitter Email) and have that field set for email.

    In the Workflow --> Select Alert someone --> Send to contacts in a cell --> Pick that column name set to contact list (ex: Rep Email or Submitter Email) and it will alert the email in this cell

    Automation Permissions --> need to be set at "Unrestricted"



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