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I have built a workflow that triggers on a specific date then creates a new row automatically (using a method I've outlined in a different post on here) I would like to reference a value in the first row (or even in the second row since it starts as a perfect copy) to append the word "Test" onto the end of the original TaskName.

So on the date that triggers this event we have:

Row1: w/ TaskName = "Create Loading Bar"

I automatically create a Row2

Row2: w/ TaskName = "Create Loading Bar"

Now what I would like to do is have Row2 look at Row1 read the TaskName and then append the word "Test" to the end. In a formula this would look like:

==[Row]1 + " Test"

Unfortunately if I try to write this formula in a workflow it automatically adds a " ' " to the front so it looks like:

'==[Row]1 + " Test"

And therefore will not run the formula and will display the text " '==[Row]1 + " Test" "

Anyone know how to implement this without having to manually change anything?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Forklift_Expert

    Currently workflows can only populate/update rows that match the trigger; it can't populate a row that's either above or below the row that has the value that triggers the flow. Workflows also cannot insert a formula as a value, the value has to be actual text or numbers (see the "Note" section at the bottom of this Help Article: Change the Value of a Cell in an Automated Workflow)

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    You could use a formula in a helper column to add "Test" to the value in a cell above. As long as two rows contain this formula, the next row created will auto-fill with that formula as well (see: Use or Override Automatic Formatting and Formula Autofill)

    This would need to be in a helper column though so that your cells will always have a formula and it can autofill. If you delete out a value and manually type in the cell then it will break the autofill pattern.



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