User access once deleted and shared to a vendors project sheet



I am in the process of cleaning up our users. I have a few people who are no longer using our company Smartsheet account. However, they are working with a vendor who is using Smartsheet and has added them as a guest for a specific project. If I delete them from my account, will they still be able to access the vendor project sheet? From previous experience I know if I delete them and try to add them back, they have to have a different email account which our company does not do. Thanks in advance!



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Shannon Heizenrader

    When you remove users there's an option to Remove the Sharing Access that they have. This is specific only to items owned by other members of your organization/account:

    This means that even if you remove them from your organization and you remove their sharing access to all of your internal items, this account will still have sharing access to any Smartsheet item that is not owned by your organization (aka they will have access to the Vendor's sheets, unless that Vendor is part of your account). Does that make sense?

    You only have sharing control over items within your own organization/account. The Vendor is able to share Smartsheet items out to whomever they wish.

    See: Admin Center: Add, Edit, and Delete Individual Users with User Management

    I will note that if the user is still a part of your company they just don't need to create items in Smartsheet, you may want to keep them associated with your plan as an unlicensed user. This way they don't count toward your account's user limit, but you can still keep a bit of control over their account as a System Admin (such as helping to reset their password, etc).



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