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Project Item on Saturday


I am new to Smartsheet.  My project is setup to have 5-day work.  One of my project items will be ended on Saturday (say 3 Jun 2017).  However, the system will automatically change the end date to 2 Jun 2017, Friday.  How can I change the setting in Smartsheet to allow the end date on Saturday?  Thanks a lot! 

Update:  I disabled dependencies in project settings, and the end date can be set on Saturday then.


  • You can also go into Project Settings > Dependency Settings and choose the working days for your project.

  • From your description, it sounds as if the typical work week is Monday through Friday.  And that you have a single item which needs to complete on Saturday.

    Generally, Smartsheet will only schedule items within the Working Days and Working Hours that you have configured in Project Settings.  For example, Monday through Friday - eight hours per day.  From your description, it sounds like your item is actually finishing within the eight hours of Friday - possibly at the very end of the day...

    If you have an item that MUST finish on Saturday, your only option is going to be to use elapsed duration on that item.  Items with elapsed duration will completely disregard your configured work week and working hours.  The idea is that some items are not associated to the typical work week - for example an item such as "Concrete Cure Time" - e7d.  Adding the prefix "e" to a duration will make an item use elapsed duration - that's a 24 hour day ignoring weekends and holidays.


    Hope that helps.





  • Great!  Thanks for your suggestion.  It solved my problem.  

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