RAG = Date Range formula?!


I'm setting up a sheet to keep a track of training and re-training needs.

I need the RAG status to change according to the date range, e.g.:

Person A | Training Due Within 90 Days of Today | RAG = Yellow

Person B | Training Due Anytime Over 90 days from Today | Rag = Green

Person C | Training Overdue from today up to any amount of days in the past | RAG = Red

I've attempted creating a formula on 0 coding ability, and it works in as much as turning every row yellow... So, can anybody help create a formula for the above need, and/or translate the formula I've botched together and why it wouldn't work for the red or green?

=IF([Refresher Due Date]6 >= TODAY() + 30, "Yellow", IF([Refresher Due Date]6 > TODAY() + 90, "Green", IF([Refresher Due Date]6 <= TODAY(), "Red")))



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