SUMIFS with CONTAINS Formula not working with multi-select column


I cannot get a SUMIFS formula to work with CONTAINS. I am trying to sum the % Allocation column for "Service Delivery" in the types of work column for a member in the owner column (which is a multi-select column). I have tried it six different ways and it's only pulling the cells where there is only one owner listed in the owner column. Where there is more than one person listed, it skips over it.

=SUMIFS([% Allocation]:[% Allocation], [type of work]:[type of work], "Service Delivery", owner:owner, CONTAINS("Brandon", @cell))

The above was for a sheet summary field. I've tried the variation with [owner]:[owner] in another sheet, report, etc. and nothing works. Help, please? I could get the CONTAINS to work with a separate countif function a multi-select column. ?

Thank you for any help! -stacy


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