How can I preserve grouping in a report in Dynamic View?

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I am linking a report to a Dynamic View. however, I want to be able to preserve the report groupings in Dynamic View. How can I do that?



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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @User251

    Dynamic View does not currently support the Grouping and Summary headers that are generated from a core app Report; the view pulls the rows through individually based on their content.

    Please provide your feedback to the Product team by filling out this form, here!



  • User251
    User251 ✭✭

    Thank you @Genevieve P. for your answer. that was helpful. I will add a suggestion for the Product team.

  • I'll provide my feedback. It is completely ridiculous that it can't replicate report in Dynamic View the way it is in the core app... What's the point?

  • I agree, you use Dynamic view because you can't share source information on a report but then it the data doesn't show up the way you have organized it on your report. Like a lose lose. Everyone doesn't understand data and summary/groupings helps users see information in smaller increments. This should be standard, formatting should show in dynamic view exactly the way it is organized on the report or sheet that the information is taken from OR give the option to summarize the info in a similar way within Dynamic view as the source data.

  • Jon Barto
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    I totally agree that it is aweful you can group reports in dynamic view. Come on Smartsheet get your act together. How about trying to improve atleast one or two of the many many many requests we would like to see get fixed. This would be way more useful than adding another color to dashboards. Or some of the other lame updates recently.