I don't have Data Shuttle, and can't obtain a license anytime soon.

I have a tracking list that need to be updated by another list that I pull from an outside system. I need it to pull over data but also add new row of information.

See screenshots.

I need my SmartSheet to map over the Account Value from the excel and put it in Account Value and map over Cash & Cash Equivalents and put it in Cash.

I also need for it to recognize if the excel has a new Account # listed that is not on my Smartsheet and map all the data over.


  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    Hi smartsheet only pulls data from other smartsheet for FORMULAS, it will not work unless all your excel is ported to SS.

    You can update all your data on smartsheet and eliminate excel entirely, or manually update it periodically,

    You will have to re enter the formula in the SS for the mapping of the other SS.

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