Weight of a Category in my Construction Project Plan

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If anyone has come across this requirement, please share how to solve it. I have various categories in my project plan: Indoor Works, Outdoor Works, Testing and commissioning etc. Each category like that has a weight in a project. My colleagues who are already using the plan have manually filled in the % Complete column that rolls up completion from children to parents. Now I am asked to add weightage.

My natural thinking was that I should add a new column to add Weight, then add a new column to calculate % Complete * Weight. Not sure this is correct...

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  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    It is correct but many columns may be untidy, messy etc

    you can try using

    =IF([Category]@row = X , Weight of X* [% Completed]@row,

    IF([Category]@row = Y , Weight of Y * [% Completed]@row,

    IF([Category]@row = Z, Weight of Z * [% Completed]@row,

    IF([Category]@row = A , Weight of A * [% Completed]@row, ))))

    For as many category variable as you have replacing the x,y,z,a respectively and adding more if required in the nested if loop

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