Weekly Timesheet Possible?

Good Morning

I would like to create an online form for our employees to be able to enter a weekly timesheet. Each day employees could be at a different site ( or multiple sites) so I thought id structure the columns as below ( 10 spots for entry with the following columns for each entry.

/Project Number 1 / Date 1 / Start Time 1 / Finish Time 1 / Hours on Project 1 /

I would like to be able to calculate the hours on each project (10 data entry spots for the user [Start Time and Finish Time 1 through 10] and 10 ten time calculations [Hours on Project 1 throuh 10] on a row) and then sum the hours for the weekly total. ( that bit should be easy)

On the form for the user, they would not see the time calculation areas. Just the start and finish times and a date

Any help with this query would be greatly appreciated. From what i have read on the forums the formulas are complicated and can be hard to adapt?


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