CountIf and Multi Select columns

I am trying to count the number of instances a value appears in a multi select drop down column, but I keep getting an unparseable error.

After searching the existing help forum I have tried both the CONTAINS and the HAS functions as follows, but receive this error for both of them. The formula's I have tried are:

=COUNTIF({Advice Log - Communities Range 2}, CONTAINS([Primary Column]@row,@CELL))

=COUNTIF({Advice Log - Communities Range 2}, HAS(@CELL, [Primary Column]@row))


{Advice Log - Communities Range 2} is the range I want to be counted - this is a multi select drop down column on another sheet.

[Primary Column]@row contains the specific value I want to count from the dropdown - this is copied directly from the dropdown list in the source column properties so does not contain any additional characters/typo's.

When I do this:

=COUNTIF({Advice Log - Communities Range 2}, [Primary Column]@row)

I get a count of the columns that have only one value selected, but I want all columns containing that value to be counted, regardless of if the cell contains multiple selections. I just can't see where I am going wrong...

Any advice appreciated!


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