Total Float Issues



I'm having trouble getting the hang of the totalfloat() function.

For one thing, many of my tasks are returning with a negative total float value. It seems to be related to the start-to-finish function, but I don't know how to interpret this, or if it's just nonsense data:

Additionally, there are many cases where when a task is one day from being critical path, its float is not 1, but something crazy like -58 days from being critical path. Then when it becomes critical path, it shoots down to zero, and the original critical path jumps to some other large negative number.

Any insight would be appreciated.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
    edited 04/13/22

    Hi @Ian Ix

    TOTALFLOAT is a fairly new function so I'm not actually sure what the intended functionality is when used with custom Predecessor links.

    I can replicate what you're seeing with SF predecessors: it sees the time from when the current task ends to when the Predecessor task ends as negative float time, even though it's not. I would recommend contacting Support so that they can investigate and confirm the intended behaviour of this function. It would be helpful for them to see full screen captures of you sheet with the Predecessor column fully showing and row numbers so they can replicate this, too.



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  • B.Kirk

    Theres a good chance you are using lag, and that is messing up the float calculations ;) Eliminate lag with creative tasks and you should be good to go! Hope this helps.

  • acreerl
    acreerl ✭✭

    Hi @Ian Ix - were you ever able to resolve this issue? I'm seeing something similar. I've eliminated any use of SF, FF, and SS predecessors in the path, yet still seem to be having issues.

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