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Hi all,

Disclaimer: SS newbie/teaching myself.

I have Control Center provisioning a set of artifacts once a project is approved. Specifically a cost tracking sheet that I'm trying to roll into a Portfolio Summary, and I've hit a wall. I'm trying to roll up all actual costs into the Portfolio Summary in the Actual column. I've tried SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS, and Index functions in the Portfolio Summary , but when I provision a new project and add metrics in the Cost tracking sheet, they don't roll into the Portfolio Summary sheet. I believe it's either the way the Cost tracking sheet is set up or simply incorrect formulas. Several hours in and no success. Your feedback is appreciated.

Source sheet:

Destination sheet:



  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    Hi can you explain more on what data [Actual] pulls from and what outcome is needed.

    Also how is the source sheet set up, example, how new projects get added in?

  • Hello,

    Projects are at the row level in the Portfolio Summary. The source sheet is a project level Cost Tracking sheet. I was trying to set up the Portfolio Summary so that when new projects are created (including the project level Cost Tracking sheet) and metrics get added to the Actual Column those figures roll into the Portfolio Summary at the row (project) level.


  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    are you able to provide a snapshot of how a new project is like in the source sheet?

    Might be able to visualise that way better.

  • Hey Seth,

    I don’t believe this is a formula error. The portfolio summary can roll up data from your control center provisioned projects through a cell link. You’ll need to either reconfigure the program in control center to add that data to the portfolio summary.

    A great second option is to create a separate sheet as a part of your control center toolkit that becomes a metadata sheet that all your other assets feed into via cell links. Then use this sheet to populate the portfolio summary.

    curious. What types of projects is the use case for?

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