Index Match Column formula returning wrong values sometimes

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I have a sheet with a drop down of all my products. In the next cell i have an index match formula pulling the description of the product. It was working in the initial cell so made it a column formula. IT works for everything but as i add more rows the formulas seems to pulling wrong descriptions across. the descriptions are close but not accurate.


here we see that it is pulling the same description for FT6 and FT6SW-1. the "-1" denotes single as is correctly shown in the next cell fdwe-1. I have checked the source sheet and it is correct.

Why would index match be working all the way done column til' this point. it mistakenly returns wrong description for another "-1" product aswell but all the other "-1's" products are coming across fine.

Any ideas.

thanks heaps


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    I’m on my phone so it’s hard to read the formula, but I think you have the ,1 on the wrong side of the bracket.

    It should be part of the match function, not the index function.

    this means that it’s treating 0 as a column index rather than a search type.

    =INDEX({Master Product and Price List Range 1}, MATCH(Product@row, {Master Product and Price List Range 2},0))



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