"Edit" Row Via A Form, Functional Workaround

Paul H
Paul H ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I used a simple visitor sign in/out kiosk for the example, it details a way for view only users to pick the row they want to "Edit" and do it via a form. Looking for feedback or additional ides before I build this into a larger solution.

Submission sheet: Populated by a web form, Auto Numbered, Row ID =auto@row

Create an Automated work flow to copy all new the rows to the visitor log sheet.

Visitor Log Sheet: Hide the "Auto" Row its no longer needed, Row ID is now the Unique identifier.

Create a web form on this sheet and get its URL, Make the Row ID hidden on the form so it cant be changed. Next build a custom URL using string queries to autofill the form with existing info.

Clicking the Sign-out form hyperlink gives you this.

Submitting the Form creates a duplicate line with the same ID

Use two check boxes using max collect formulas to determine what is the newest entry and which one is old based on the created date

Finally using a Move row automation trigger by the "Old" Checkbox to move the row to a "Trash Can" Sheet

End result an "Edited" but secretly new row with the auto generated Row ID still unique