How do I duplicate the behavior of % complete for another column.


I wish to duplicate the behavior the of system-provided % Complete field. I want to use it to total a value (say task budget) whereby values are only permitted to be entered at the task level, and the parent tasks automatically roll that up (in this case, sum the child task values to auto populate the parent value).


  • Antonio Figueroa
    Antonio Figueroa ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If you child row is a percent then just use the =SUM(CHILDREN())

  • Patrick_Canopy

    Thank you Antonio. I've tested this. The additional behavior I'm looking for is that I want the system to prohibit anyone from over writing the calculated value in the rolled up parent task. Additionally, I want the behavior preserved (as in the system % complete) when someone adds or deletes lines, changes the indentation structure, etc. Sorry if this is a newbie question (I am one)...

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