Parents and Children relationships


I have the following items I need help with:

1) I would like my children rows to automatically display Parent | Task Name

For example in this configuration:

Parent 1

Child 1

Child 2

I want to see below instead of above

Parent 1

Parent 1 | Child 1

Parent 1 | Child 2

So I need to apply a column formula that would do this. There are items that have more than 1 or 2 Parents and that should also be taken into configuration. I know I can add a helper column but that is not what I am trying to do. I want the information on the same column

2) The following formulas today return the task name, I'd like the return format to include Parents as well such as Parent 1 | Parent 2 | Task 1 .

=JOIN(COLLECT([Task Name]:[Task Name], Status:Status, "In Progress"), CHAR(10))


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